Monday, November 16, 2009

Gaddafi Hires 500 Italian Escort Girls, Tries Converting Them to Islam

The truth is stranger than fiction. You cannot make up stuff like this

Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi asked an escort agency to supply 500 ‘beautiful Italian girls’ for a gala evening at which he tried to convert them to Islam, it emerged today.

The 67-year-old leader also requested that they ‘were aged between 18 and 35 years old, did not wear mini skirts or have plunging necklines but high heels were OK.’

The women, all glamorously dressed, were told to meet at a hotel in the centre of Rome, where Gaddafi is attending a summit on world food security, before being taken to the Libyan ambassador’s residence in the city.

The girls, a mixture of blondes and brunettes dressed in heels, stockings and three-quarter length coats, were seen queuing up to go through security checks.

Several of them were turned away after being told they were inappropriately dressed or they were too short.

Once inside - and after an hour’s delay - Gaddafi arrived in a white limousine to lecture the girls on the superiority of Islam.

He also gave a talk on the Muslim Koran and gave all the girls a copy as a gift as well as a signed version of his Green Book on democracy and political philosophy, written in 1975.

However, this time, his lecture did not go down well with many of the girls, who were also given a €50 cash tip.

Many of them complained they ‘felt offended as women and for their religion’.
One blonde woman who did not give her name said: ‘I was particularly offended when he said we believed that Christ had been crucified but he hadn’t, instead it was someone who looked like him and that God had saved Christ.’

I think I'll go to Saudi Arabia, ask for 500 attractive young Bedouin girls, give them copies of the bible and see about converting them to Christianity. Do you think I would get out of the country alive?

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Thinker said...

Why not, you would get out alive. Whether you will succeed in converting is quite another story.

The Holy Quran is explicit on freedom of belief and expression and each practicing his or her own religion.

It clearly says "unto you your religion and unto me, mine". I urge you to lay your hands on M. Marmaduke Pickthal's "The Glorious Quran" which is a biblical translation. And to know of the life of the prophet read "Muhammed" by Martin Lings. This will clear a lot of misconceptions.

Now Gaddafi's mechanism may have been not exactly desired but the message was good of Unity of God not trinity. The only difference between Muslims and Christians is basically of One God in Muslims and the three in one concept of Christianity.

Yet we can co-exist peacefully like we have always. My best freinds are all Christians. I have no problem.