Sunday, November 09, 2008

0bama Pals Around with IRA Terrorists

Most of us are well aware of 0bama's connections with domestic terrorists William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. And also of his connection with Palestinian terrorist Rashid Khalidi. The above picture, taken approximately one year ago, shows that he also 'pals around' with IRA terrorists Rita O'Hare and Gerry Adams.

This photo was reported by the Irish Times on November 6 of this year (subscription required).

A PHOTOGRAPH showing US president-elect Barack Obama with an IRA fugitive wanted over the attempted murder of a British soldier has emerged.

Yesterday Sinn Fein released the picture of Senator Obama with party president Gerry Adams and general secretary Rita O’Hare, one of the most prominent ‘on the runs’.

It was taken about a year ago when Mr Adams was in Washington DC holding private meetings with members of Congress.

The Belfast woman has been wanted in Britain and Northern Ireland since being charged with the attempted murder of a soldier in her native city in 1971.

She was shot and seriously wounded in the incident.

After being granted bail she fled to the Republic, where she served three years for trying to smuggle material into a jail holding IRA prisoners.

The 64-year-old has been prominent in the US for the past decade as a Sinn Fein representative.

She is ineligible for a regular visa because of the outstanding warrant but holds a special visa that requires her to notify the authorities for any travel across the US.

Last month Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin accused Senator Obama of associating with terrorists.

She claimed he had been “palling around” with a former member of the Weather Underground, a US-based militant group that opposed the Vietnam war in the 1960s.

Why are we giving sanctuary to this scumbag? She should be extradited to the UK to face justice.

So what next, will we see Barack's smiling face in a group photo with bin Laden and al-Zawahiri?

Welcome SDA readers. I hope you can stick around and read a few of my other posts. I have a particular interest in Northern Ireland and in exposing the true nature of Sinn Fein/IRA.


Devin Maxwell said...

It's lost...move on!

Anonymous said...


She shot a soldier, right, not a civilian?

Anonymous said...

Media are still in rapture of 'The One', and no real journalists are allowed near Him. Obama is still a mystery to the proletariat, a carefully managed smooth talking celebrity mystery, but still a real mystery as to what He really thinks. Perhaps we'll have to wait and see what blows up next before we get some revelation as to where his sympathies lie.

leftdog said...

Here is a pic of Republican President Ronald Regean with Israeli PrimeMinster Menachem Begin.

Menachem Begin was wanted by the British government for a bombing that killed British troops during the 1950's. For several months in 1945–46, Begin coordinated activities of the Hebrew Resistance Movement. He was involved in the bombing of the British administrative headquarters at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, killing 91 people, including British officers and troops as well as Arab and Jewish civilians.

He later became Prime Minister of Israel even though the British government had considered him a terrorist.

History has proven that many of 'yesterday's terrorists' become today's great political leaders.

In your own USA, the great President Washington was once wanted as a terrorist by the British government.

Anonymous said...

Curious...does the subsciption accessible article give any indication as to why they held onto this photograph until after the election?

Jungle Jim said...

devo, your side never stopped criticizing W. Is there some reason we should not criticize your messiah?

Jungle Jim said...

christoph, you have a point. But her comrades in the IRA have killed many civilians.

Jungle Jim said...

leftdog, your comment reminds me of something William F. Buckley once said. There is an old lady standing in the middle of a street and a bus is driving towards her at a rapid velocity. There are two men in the street standing next to the lady. One of the men is trying to push the lady into the path of the bus, so she will be run over. The other man is trying to push her out of the way of the bus, so she will be safe.

According to you, both men are equally deplorable, because both are pushing the poor old lady.

Jungle Jim said...

gw, I have posted the entire article from Irish News. I think the reason why Sinn Fein waited until after the election is obvious.

KURSK said...

Christoph..last time i checked, the govt of the UK had every right to put her soldiers into the street to curb the violence.

What's your point?

She was not a uniformed soldier shooting another uniformed soldier.Ireland was not at war with rest of the UK..nor was her actions sanctioned by the Geneva conventions.

Her ideology caused her to commit the crime.She was a civilian trying to murder a soldier.

The IRA are terrorists. Period.Happy, smiling faces of its political wing notwithstanding, they are an illegitimate, murderous bunch who are well past their due date.

leftdog said...

Jungle Jim ... my point was as I stated .... sometimes someone who is judged as a terrorist 'today' becomes a head of state later.

Mennachem Begin was definitely considered a terrorist by British Intelligence. Decades later, he was the Prime Minister of Israel.

NOW moving to another point ... you also said to devo ...
"your side never stopped criticizing W. .. "

Well, George W. Bush deserved a lot of criticism! He assured the world that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and used that as his reason to start the war in Iraq. There were NO weapons of mass destruction. Harsh criticism of Bush started at about that time.

Bush and Cheney ALSO told the world that US troops would be welcomed as 'Liberators' by the Iraqi people. That also did NOT occur.

There were a number of valid reasons to criticise Bush!!

So when you say ... "Is there some reason we should not criticize your messiah? (Obama) .. I would say that you have NO reason to criticise Barack .. just because Bush received criticism that was fairly justified.

Obama isn't even the president yet and you are going off the deep end. That is pure partisan posturing! It is not logical ... it is not defensible!

Most criticism of Obama is based on race! That still remains the #1 reason he is being criticised. I DO NOT believe that you are basing this on his race - I have read your blog and I don't think you actually care whether he is white, black or purple. But give him a chance at least ... criticising him so strongly makes NO sense!

Jungle Jim said...

leftdog, I have to disagree with you. Criticizing the president is my right, and my criticisms are well-justified. If you read my blog you will also read many criticisms of Bush.

0bama palled around with terrorists Ayers, Dohrn, Khalidi, and O'Hare. That shows a serious lack of judgement on his part.

leftdog said...

Jungle Jim ... you should not use Sarah Palin's phrase .. 'palled around'!

Okay ... You have a right to criticise Obama based on your political view ... fair ball ... but remember .. your fellow bloggers, devo and others (myself included) HAD EVERY RIGHT to criticise Bush!

Jungle Jim said...

leftdog, why shouldn't I say palled around? I see a big smile on Barack's face.

If I were standing next to O'Hare, you wouldn't see me smiling at someone who was trying to kill my kinsmen in Northern Ireland.

I agree you have every right to criticize Bush. I may disagree with you. I may ridicule you. I may call you a raving moonbat. But I will never try to silence you. You are welcome to post comments on my blog any time. I approve all comments except spam.

Anonymous said...

Makes one wonder why Obama allowed all those illegal foreign donations to his campaign.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe some one actually said she is not a terrorist as she tried to kill a soldier not a civilian!! I spose that makes her a nice person some one ol'bomma should be chumming around with eh

Devin Maxwell said...


Any discussion on this topic that ends in the conclusion that Barack Obama is, or associates with, terrorists is completely absurd....

LeftDog is perfectly right to call you out on your criticism of the President elect. You are correct when you say that you have the right to criticize him, but what for? He hasn't done anything yet. He hasn't even taken the oath of office and you level blind partisan bullshit at him. And over a picture (probably one of thousands that he has taken over the past 2 years) of a British MP and Sinn Fein's (the second largest political party in Ireland) representative to America -- who obviously is not enough of a terrorist to be denied a visa to enter the United States.

This "Obama is a terrorist" line of argument is absurd and, frankly, quite embarrassing for you and your cohorts.

Ask Sarah Palin about her association with Joe Vogler and the Alaskan Independence Party...

Jungle Jim said...

Hi devo:

I have never claimed 0bama is a terrorist. But the fact that he has associated with terrorists both in the USA and elsewhere is unmistakeable.

You are grossly understating the involvement of both O'Hare and Adams in terrorism in Northern Ireland. Adams is more than just a British MP. He is a former soldier in the IRA. O'Hare is wanted in the UK for attempted murder.

And BTW, the difference between Sinn Fein and the IRA is like the difference between the Netherlands and Holland. They are simply two words to describe the same organization. Read the book "Killing Rage" by IRA hitman Eamon Collins. He describes how he used Sinn Fein's access to voter rolls in order to find the addresses of his victims.

I am perfectly justified in criticizing 0bama for his support of Sinn Fein/IRA. He got involved during the election by calling for an international probe into the death of IRA terrorist Pat Finucane, but he hasn't said anything about inquiring into the death of William Stobie, an RUC agent who was killed in the same incident. I will make a new post about this matter, with supporting links, either today or tomorrow. Check back on my blog.

The Alaskan Independence Party have never murdered anyone. Sinn Fein/IRA have murdered thousands of innocent people in Northern Ireland.

Devin Maxwell said...


So, by your logic, taking a picture with an individual who may have ties to a so-called terrorist organization means you associate with terrorists. Then Ronald Reagan is a terrorist (as pointed out by LeftDog), Sarah Palin is a terrorist and Donald Rumsfeld are terrorists []

Give me a break...

Jungle Jim said...

devo, the evidence in 0-bama's case is not good. There is no question he has received support from Dohrn and Ayers. He participated in the Annenberg project and rejected proposals tthat would have made a genuine attempt to improve education in Chicago in favor of programs to politically indoctrinate students.

Your Chosen One is not stupid. He certainly knows about Adam's past in the IRA and probably knows the same about O'Hare. Actions speak louder than words and 0bama has shown his true colors by repeatedly associating with people who have a callous disregard for human life.

Hot Sam said...

Leftdog, you don't have a point. Jungle Jim made his point quite well.

First of all, George Washington was not wanted for terrorism by the British. He was wanted for treason against the Crown. Washington was guilty of nothing akin to terrorism although some colonists did engage in acts we could call by that name.

You seem to have the same problem every other leftist has: a warped definition of what "terrorism" is.

It's little wonder you have such difficulty combatting it. You can't even recognize it when you see it.

Anonymous said...

Leftdog, you are absolutely DELUSIONAL.

Practically NONE of the criticism of Obama is based on race. He is being criticized for being an inexperienced leader, a socialist, a salesman of false hope and empty promises, and a person who rose to power by cavorting with the worst types of people.

GWB most certainly did NOT lie about WMD in Iraq. Every major intelligence service in the world believed Saddam had WMD. Bill Clinton believed it from the day he left office until a year after the war began. Besides, Saddam had the burden to PROVE he had destroyed them all, something he never did. Those weapons were not non-existent - they were UNACCOUNTED FOR.

We were welcomed as liberators in Iraq. Oh, but how would you know because you've never been there!

The Sunni insurgency in Iraq was fueled by four factions:

1. Al Qaeda, which had an interest in seeing US forces fail

2. Iran, which wished to prevent the US from focusing on them next

3. Muqtada al Sadr who was vying for power in the post-Saddam Iraq.

4. DEMOCRATS who undermined the war solely for political gain.

The insurgents/terrorists could not beat US forces on the battlefield, so they fought us on the only ground in which they could win:

- US courts
- US Congress
- US media

There, they could count on their leftist comrades for assistance.

When support for the war was at 75%, you weren't rallying behind the president - you were undermining him. You, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all the other Democrats are TRAITORS.